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Florida property owners have a responsibility to make sure their properties are safe and meet all regulated safety codes. If you have been injured on someone else's property, you may have a premises liability case. Premises liability law applies to businesses, corporations, landlords and property managers, and home and landowners. In each of these situations, the proprietor can be sued if a visitor is injured while on the premises.

Common Premises Liability Cases Include:

  • Uneven sidewalks or pathways
  • Poor lighting
  • Obstructions on stairways or in hallways
  • Wet/slippery floors
  • Lack of handrails on stairways
  • Defective doors/windows
  • Negligent display of merchandise.

Filing a Premises Liability Suit

There are certain steps you will need to take in order to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for your injury. To start, you will need to be able to prove the owner knew about the unsafe conditions on his/her property, the owner failed to fix or warn visitors of the conditions, and that your injury was the direct result of these dangerous conditions.

Have a premises related injury?


Each premises liability case depends on the nature in which the injured person was on the property. Typically there are four categories: 

  • Business invitees
  • Licensees
  • Trespassers
  • Children*

What if my child was injured on someone else’s property?

With each of the cases listed above, there are different levels of liability. In the state of Florida, children are owed a special duty, and therefore have special rules regarding the liability of property owners. If your child has been injured due to unsafe conditions on a property, you should know that the following can apply:

  • Whether the child is invited onto the property or is trespassing, the property owner is still liable for any injuries sustained.
  • The "Attractive Nuisance Doctrine" is invoked when property owners do not take special care to protect children from enticing objects or spaces that are dangerous and could cause harm (i.e. swimming pools, trampolines, discarded appliances, and other large items, etc.)
  • The property owner is required to either remove the dangerous condition or protect children from those conditions.

If you believe your injury is a direct result of property negligence, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can provide legal guidance from the moment you walk into my office, all the way up until a verdict is rendered — and I’ll do everything I can along the way to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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From slip and falls to collapsing floors, premises related injuries should be handled by experienced legal counsel. If you have been the victim of property negligence causing an injury, you have the right to seek compensation for the damage. This compensation can cover medical costs, help with the financial consequences of unpaid sick leave, and any other grievance you have suffered. So if you’ve been in an accident, call the Pestcoe Law Group today to seek the justice you deserve.